After 25 years of living in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, our President Noel Mullaly and family will be moving back to St. John's, NL.  Noel has to be in St. John's for November 9th so if you want to say your Good Byes you have at the most 2 meetings left.  This past Friday night, many of us gathered at the Masonic Lodge for a Potluck meal and an opportunity to pass along our farewells to Noel and Jackie.  It was a good night so Thank You to Perry Trimper for organizing the event.
Geoff Goodyear, President Elect will be very busy for the next couple of months as he is retiring December 31 and will be cluing up as well as working with his replacement.  He has confirmed that he will be available early February to assume the role of President for the rest of this Rotary year and will continue on for 2016-2017.  
In the meantime, Wayne King will once again assume the role of President from November to February 2016.  In March Wayne will once again be participating in Cain's Quest, which starts on March 5, 2016.